Video Messaging for Customer Success

Discover a new way to onboard, support and retain customers with Quicki.
Rae Nyguen
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Retain more customers and grow revenue using video.

Stay connected with your customers and provide exceptional customer service with personalized video messages.
Build trusting relationships
Reach resolutions faster
Maximize customer LTV
Solutions for the entire Customer Success team:
Account Managers

Strengthen connections with your assigned customers to improve account retention and growth.

Support Reps

Offer video support to resolve tickets faster and to communicate complex support issues.

Support Engineers

Create internal and external video resources that help customers and the support team succeed.

Record. Share. Retain.

Combine video, text and powerful integrations into messages that help onboard, support and retain customers.

Video messages are perfect for achieving customer success.

Personalized communications display genuine care that helps transform new customers into long-term clients.

Introduce yourself to new customers while streamlining training scheduling.


Resolve support tickets using personalized or pre-recorded videos from your library.


Schedule more account reviews and make more persuasive pitches when upselling customers.

Record a Message

Your team’s hub for recording and sharing support videos.

Record and share videos within in a centralized hub that gives everyone the ability to boost revenue and retention.
Tons of potential Customer Success use cases:
Visual product feedback
How-to support videos
Feature announcements
Quarterly account reviews
Testimonials and feedback
Winback campaigns
...and many more...


Kommute is integrating with popular recruiting tools so you can seamlessly add video messages to your existing workflow.

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