About Us

Our mission is to make professional relationships more personal, creating real human connections that create real business results.

At Quicki we are all about video and video is all about communicating more effectively. Although we believe strongly that video has had a major positive impact on the way we work, we also believe that the true potential of video as a professional communication tool has barely been explored. Our mission is to help realize that potential by building tools that move us into the next phase of video communication.

We started with a modest goal of enabling a better form of asynchronous communication using video messaging. The synchronous communication tools available today are good, but our asynchronous communication practices still need to evolve. While focused on that goal, it became clear to us that video messaging is only scratching the surface of what is possible using video.

We’re now working on a video tool set that is built specifically to support the way different professional groups operate so that sales teams, recruiters, marketers, customer support specialists, human resources experts, and others are no longer forced to adjust their workflows to fit a generic video platform. We’d rather fit the platform to them - to you.

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Founder & CEO: Don Charlton

Head of Customer Success: Matt Rimer

Head of Marketing: Mitchell Kaufman