About Quicki

Record. Share. Succeed.

Our mission is to revolutionize the professional networking experience so people make genuine connections that unlock genuine opportunities.

Our Company

Founded in 2021, Quicki is a fully remote company, but you can think of our HQ as Atlanta, Georgia. We’re a team of product-obsessed people with investors, advisors and partners who all share the same desire to help professionals open more doors and close more deals through video messaging.

If you’re wondering, yes, we know our name is a bit provocative. A quicki is a "quick introduction" and our goal is for that to be your first thought, too!

Until then, we remain focused on building a great product that earns your trust and business.

Our Product

Video messaging became popular at the height of the pandemic as professionals everywhere needed a way to communicate more efficiently and effectively with both co-workers and customers. Screen recording is now all the rage – but what if sharing your screen is not the point of sending your message?

Quicki doesn’t put you in a small bubble of a screen recording – there’s plenty of other tools to do that. Instead, we obsessively focus on the narrow set of video messaging use cases that apply to salespeople, account managers, recruiters, real estate agents, and anyone else who succeeds or fails based on their ability to make real human connections—and then turn those connections into conversations.

Quicki is the only video messaging platform built specifically to open conversations and close deals.

Our Founder

Don Charlton is a serial tech entrepreneur, investor, and the founder and CEO of Quicki. Previously Don founded JazzHR, a leading, venture-backed small business recruiting solution serving thousands of customers as diverse as Uber, Instagram, Red Bull, Obama for America and Warby Parker.

Following the acquisition of JazzHR in 2021, Don launched Quicki to show the post-pandemic world that the cameras now mounted atop every monitor could be used to engage customers, partners and candidates in a new, exciting, and engaging way.

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