Quicki + Calendly


Use the persuasive power of video to schedule more meetings.

While Calendly makes it easy to schedule meetings, sometimes sharing your scheduler through email can feel impersonal - especially if you’re trying to remotely engage sales prospects. By allowing you to embed your Calendly scheduler right into a video message, Quicki combines the personal, persuasive power of video with the convenience of online scheduling.

Whether you’re engaging prospects, or recruiting talent, our Calendly integration helps you personalize the scheduling process.

Use Cases:

  • Sales Prospecting. Increase the chances a cold prospect will schedule a meeting with a personalized, persuasive video message.
  • Customer Support. Send a quick video message to answer a support question with the option to schedule a meeting for further discussion.
  • Recruiting. Attach an introductory video message when scheduling interviews or onboarding meetings to create a great first impression.
  • Everyone. Introduce key discussion points or meeting agenda items beforehand in a short video message to make the meeting more productive.

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Visit this link to quickly record and share a Quicki video message with your Calendly scheduler embedded.

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