Open mre doors. Close mre deals.

Use the persuasive power of personalized video messages to connect with leads, nurture prospects, and win customers.


Record. Share. Succeed.

Whether your goal is winning customers or recruiting talent, Quicki helps you move the conversation forward.
Record a short video message using any device.
Recipients can watch your message and respond.
Quicki personalized video messages can help you:

Boost the response rate of your emails and text messages. Schedule that introductory call, product demo or initial consultation.


Build authentic, trusting relationships, one video at a time. Keep prospective customers and candidates actively engaged.


Combine a compelling final pitch with a clear call-to-action. Request signatures, donations, feedback and much, much more.

Video messaging outperforms traditional outreach.

No matter what communication channel you choose, Quicki personalized videos persuade more people to respond.
Increase in
open rates
Increase in
response rates
Increase in lead conversion

Personalized video messaging is communication that converts.

When you treat your prospects like people, they take notice. Quicki video messages ensure they also take action.

Record quickly. Share instantly.

Share videos with the same simplicity and security as email. Record your message, add email addresses or phone numbers as recipients, and click send.

  • No apps required. Record and watch video messages using any Web or mobile browser.
  • Flexible privacy options. Share your video with specific people, your team or everyone.
  • Integrates with your address books. Message your email and CRM contacts with ease.

Book more meetings. Get more responses.

Quicki integrates with your email, phone and popular productivity tools so your message recipients are only a click or two away from taking action.

  • Convenient replies. Recipients can call, email or record a video response from your message.
  • Integrated scheduling. Recipients can book time using your Calendly or HubSpot scheduler.
  • Other calls-to-action. Embed forms, donation widgets, e-sign documents and more.

Use personalized video strategically.

When a persuasive, personalized human touch could be the key to success, Quicki helps you and your team send the perfect message every time.

  • Cold outreach. Use video messages to capture and keep the attention of prospects.
  • Final pitches. Make your compelling case when competing for a new client or employee.
  • Upsell and retention. Personalized messages support efforts for new and retained revenue.
So just exactly how does Quicki work?

Solutions for personalized, persuasive outreach.

Quicki is for professionals who succeed based on their ability to build rapport and create lasting relationships.

Start recording today.

Schedule more meetings. Get more callbacks. Achieve your goals with Quicki.