Record. Share. Succeed.

Communicate more effectively with your coworkers and customers through the intimacy and authenticity of video.


Video is more effective.

Quicki videos help teams create real connections that produce real results.

Close more deals using a more personalized approach.


Boost your brand by showcasing products and customers.


Diagnose customer issues and close open tickets faster.


Attract and capture the attention of top job candidates.


Train and socialize new hires faster and more effectively.


Boost morale and strengthen employee relationships.

...and many more use cases...

Your team's video hub

Everything you and your team needs to quickly record and share videos. Communicate more effectively, both internally and externally.
Record using your desktop or mobile browser...
... Instantly receive a link to share or embed your video.

Shareable anywhere

Quicki videos are easy to share wherever your audience is. Add videos to emails, texts, social media feeds, messengers, and Web pages.
Share the instant link to your recording...
...or share it through email, LinkedIn, SMS and more.

How it works

Combine video, text, and your favorite productivity tools to create engaging video content that is easy to share. It’s really as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Press record.

Use any device with a camera and a Web browser to quickly record personalized video content that includes your face or screen. No downloads or apps are ever required.

2. Add details.

Complement your message with important information such as content highlights, links, or file attachments. If you can include it in an email, you can add it to your video message.

3. Embed tools.

Quicki makes it easy to schedule a meeting on your calendar, gather feedback using a survey form, request an e-signature, and so much more through an ever-growing list of integrations.

Introducing Vmail

Easily request and receive inbound video recordings from anyone.

Your personalized video mailbox

Your vmail address is a unique, customizable link that you can share with anyone to enable them to send you private video recordings - no downloads or installs required.

Use your vmail address as a way to connect with people whether they already use Quicki or not. Video requests are a great way to collect feedback, testimonials, reviews, updates, personal introductions, or any other content you want.

Once you import requested recordings into your Quicki account, you can share and embed them as if you recorded them personally.

Plus these awesome features

Custom Branding

Use your logo and colors in the app, video links and emails.

Shared Video Library

Create an internal library of videos accessible to the entire team.


Viewers can watch and respond to videos from any device.

Video Requests

Send requests for recordings, complete with instructions.

Video Embeds

Embed responsive videos into your website or internal wiki.

Video Replies

Vmail and video viewers can reply with a video message.

Video Uploads

Upload your recorded videos and host them on Quicki.

Secure Sharing

Share videos with specific people, your team or the entire world.


Click any word in the transcript to jump to that time in the video.

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