Network. Quickly.

Quicki is where professionals network quickly and effectively using short video messages. Make more connections. Build meaningful relationships. Unlock more opportunities.


The newest, fastest way to network

Use short video messages to make and maintain valuable connections. Get more out of your professional network, in less time.
Send video messages to anyone in your network
Receive video messages from anyone in your network

Join an ever-growing list of networks, or create one.

Meet & Greet

Meet people by watching their 30-second video greetings.


Make real connections and build strong relationships.

Networks that stay networked

Whether you’re managing a conference, hosting an event, or operating a co-working space, Quicki networks help communities connect.
Create a branded online network for members
Members meet and connect through video messages.
Perfect for any type of network
Events & Conferences
Groups & Organizations
Colleges & Universities
Office & Co-working Spaces
Industry & Interest Groups
Friends & Colleagues

Two-way video messaging

Quicki makes video message conversations between people easy and seamless.
Send video messages to any email address, even people who aren’t using Quicki.
Recipients can reply with a video message. No apps or downloads ever required.

Plus these awesome features


Connect your Google contacts to quickly send messages.


Add your Calendly or HubSpot calendar to messages.

Video Library

Create an internal library of reusable videos.


Read a transcript of the video and jump to any part of it.


Your inbound video messages in one secure place.

QR Codes

Make joining networks and making connections easy.


Use your logo and colors in the app, video links and emails.

Video Uploads

Upload your recorded videos and host them on Quicki.


Control who accesses your networks and recordings.

Video Requests

Send requests for recordings, complete with instructions.

Video Embeds

Embed responsive videos into any website or wiki.


People can watch and respond to videos on any device.

Start networking today.

Never again miss an opportunity because of a missed connection.